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Flirt District - Pissed off at Flirt District


This is a terrible site to connect.
The admins keep deleting the contents of my profile and never offer a valid reason why...I didn't violate any of the rules.
When you write your profile blurb, you are limited by the number of characters you can use.
"IF" you buy the so-called credits, they cost on average $2.40/ea, you're limited to how much you can say, they limit your ability to say anything meaningful.
I don't think anyone truly reads the profiles either...I specified the age range I want to meet and that if they give me their contact then we can get together or at least talk. Too often the bottom dwellers or moldy oldies try to message me, btw grannies keep your clothes on OMG. Those of you who do respond, check where you live, traveling hundreds of miles isn't on anyone's to do list just for some tail.

Lots of pretty young girls

Poor quality of messaging
The system doesn't match anyone.
Limited communication

Jeni does NOT recommend Flirt District to friends/family

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