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Tease Your Match - Fake Site


Here is my opinion this site I've been on it for 2 weeks
And think I've never had so much run around with whom
ever your trying to Hookup with. You might as well be talking
to a telemarketer they keep you going around in circles
off topic all the time to use up your credit tokens which cost
by the way to much for what you don't get. I realize I'm grow up but this wasn't the kind of fuck I was expecting to get.
Save your money and donate it to a local charity.That's
how I fell about this site.

Pros I got some money back on a screwed up E transfer
they said they didn't.

It's just a money scam when people figure it out It will disappear hopefully this will happen soon.

Jim godfre does recommend Tease Your Match to friends/family

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