This is bullshit

I spent 150 dollars in two days and the only thing this fucking girls want is for you to put more credits so is this a scam fuck yes the dont want sex they want money so forget this site

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This site is an entertainment flirting and chat line. The women tell you they are horny want sex and invite you to breakfast, coffee, a party, threesome, orgy or whatever ASAP. From there they give a standard line about getting to know one another first, and chat for days, weeks, months, you get the picture and continue to say very soon we will have fun. I found some woman actually proclaimed to live in the same town or were visiting, However after searching a month later they appear in other towns. They mat tell you are a nice sexy guy however None were found to actually lead to actual dating or even coffee meet ups. If you want to chat spend your money, If you want to meet someone save your money and avoid this site.

Visit Hot Flirts Now Reviews about Hot Flirts Now

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