Chat Bot Scam

This site is loaded with sex chat bots. No one person can chat you 24/7. I spent the day talking with lady who when I told her I was leaving and canceling my account begged me to stay. I left, deleted the account then reactivated the same account. The very same FAKE person came on and greeted me like it was my first time there. I threw a few comments and questions at her that I knew would mess up a chat Bot and the response time took close to 10 minutes. The responses and answers were not even relative to the topic. This little experiment cost me but it was worth proving that most if not all of these site are fraudulent and fake. Most of the women are porn models or people hired for different shots. I did meet three actual ladies from the area but the rest is al b.s. Lastly it's not hard to tell if it's a bot. If you quit the discussed topic unlike a real person at the other end of the conversation it comes to a complete stop due to the fact the bot has to input to reply to. I rate this a minus 20!



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