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Keep Your Money

Here is my experience on this site which will demonstrate how the site owner/operator is laughing at all of you that are naive enough,to continue buying credits and falling for the scam. I will preface with the facts that I live in Canada and the minimum number of credits you can purchase is 10 for $25.00; these are necessary in order to send or reply to messages at one credit per. I had a profile posted for a little better than three weeks and, over that span of time received over 400 messages, and all expect or demand a response. If I were to follow through on each one at $2.50 per message.....$1,000.00 gentlemen. My pity would be extended for anyone desperate/foolish enough to spend more than $50.00 at most to learn their not going to get the dipstick wet! Here's how they work: 1) You create a free profile. For the free profile there is no sign up bonus no free credits, nada! 2) You start receiving emails alerting you to the fact that members have sent you a message, flirt or has added you as a favorite. Initially only a few, within three hours you'll have a relatively continuous stream. 3) You receive messages from a most bazaar spectrum of women. Age ranging from 18 to 84 with a great array of photos along with their sexual wants and desires that only you can help them with but you must reply right away! Cost is $2.50, remember. 4) You find one of interest so you will use a credit to send her your contact info like phone # or email address in order to communicate further about the proposition without having to use credits, then you wait, expecting an email or text in a relative short order but, it doesn't happen! You receive another message from your choice asking why you haven't gotten back to her. Now another credit to inform her that you had replied and, had included your personal contact information and ask her to please contact you in that way and then, you wait and get nothing. Another message arrives from her asking where are you and she wants you to hurry up! Now you use another credit to ask the whereabouts of a text or email and take the opportunity to request her email and/or phone # and again you wait 5) The game just goes on. So, if you're sensible you'll figure out this hookup isn't going to happen at a cost to you between $7.50 - $10.00 before you move on. But, if you're smart you won't waste your time and money, although "I" believe there are guys that will convince themselves that the first time didn't work out for whatever reason and then go on to have better luck with the next one and the next one and so on, "Don't Be That Guy"

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Major Scam