My Secret Hookups Review - Yup, it's a scam all right...

My Secret Hookups - Yup, it's a scam all right...


Just about every action and incentive here is to get you to send more messages. I did not try to meet up with any of them, but there was a steady flood of enquiries from women who offered everything from a quickie to a relationship - I started responding, but realised all these messages were doing is costing me more money - I blew almost $1,000 here on messages alone. First I tried including text in my profile to deter enquiries, but that was deleted almost daily without admin explanation. the "ladies" over and over again said they liked my face, but I have no photo there because I am not ready yet (getting out of a previous relationship). I deleted all but 2 of my message threads, but the software counter still said I had almost 700 messages waiting (and increasing). I will delete my profile tomorrow and be sorry for being scammed. Maybe somebody else will benefit from my experience.

Beautiful women, probably all fake. Even at 4am there are working women responding within 30 seconds - those Admins are hard at work earnung message money.

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Date: 1 maart 2020 - 9:34

By: Steve Coombs

This site is a complete scam to our industry, it is now under investigation 1112515478 Canadian Regulations, Please, DO NOT GIVE PAYMENT FOR CREDITS, FRAUD INVESTIGATIONS ARE UNDERWAY CCROP COOMBS

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