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    Strange interlude

    First of all let me say this: whoever started up this site is an evil genius - but should be shot with their own ball of shit, if there's any justice in this world. I signed up without checking for reviews. That was my first mistake. This site works off one of the oldest scams in the book - the ol' bait n' switch - but it took about 3 days and about $400 to figure it out. Lots of women offering, in fact I was inundated with over 180 hits in two days, which was good for the ego... but it's all a bunch of bullshit. This stupid pandemic bent my brains out of shape: I know better than to launch myself into something advocating 'easy pussy' - that's an oxymoron if ever there was one!

    Good lesson for the male ego - a chance to learn what a fragile and stupid thing it really is.

    It's one big phoney come on. Lots of women with a hand full of gimme and a mouth full of much obliged.

    They will Hack your computer and/or your profile!!!

    They hacked my computer for my personal information and trying to get a ransom for it!!!
    Way too many young sexy women wanting to sext with ya. To good to be true!!!

    Lots of nice pics of naked women, but it's all a big tease!!!

    To many to list!!!

    Yup, it's a scam all right...

    Just about every action and incentive here is to get you to send more messages. I did not try to meet up with any of them, but there was a steady flood of enquiries from women who offered everything from a quickie to a relationship - I started responding, but realised all these messages were doing is costing me more money - I blew almost $1,000 here on messages alone. First I tried including text in my profile to deter enquiries, but that was deleted almost daily without admin explanation. the "ladies" over and over again said they liked my face, but I have no photo there because I am not ready yet (getting out of a previous relationship). I deleted all but 2 of my message threads, but the software counter still said I had almost 700 messages waiting (and increasing). I will delete my profile tomorrow and be sorry for being scammed. Maybe somebody else will benefit from my experience.

    Beautiful women, probably all fake. Even at 4am there are working women responding within 30 seconds - those Admins are hard at work earnung message money.

    Scammers dont do it

    I sign for 1 day trial the girls are fake run by who knows who then the next day they took $42 with out their permission try to contact them and the dont have a superviser his in a meeting ...people this is straight up scammers all this dating. Especially my secrethookup .com fake companies


    It is embarrassing to admit that I enrolled on this site. It is even more embarrassing to admit that I also gave them money to use the chat feature.

    The are many beautiful women shown on the site. They will respond when approached BUT here is the catch. NO ONE WILL EVER AGREE TO MEET OR CHAT OFF THE SITE!!

    What was particularly amusing was the ones who said they did not want to use credits were the first to chastise you for suggesting to talk off site.

    What is funny is the initial comments that tell you that from what they read on your profile they were interested. Even when there was nothing written on my profile.

    Finally, when you stay off the profile for a while you will start to get request for sex proposals. Again this is nothing but another attempt to get you to spend more credits while you are chasing your tail (and not theirs)

    If you want to take the time to look (and only look) at pictures of some beautiful woman of all ages go for it. They are real pictures without anyone real behind them.

    This site is all about the pursuit of your money to communicate. They will bait you into more communication that will take up more credits. They will never agree to talk offsite and forget about meeting up. You are better off going to Leo's List and hiring a girl - there you will at least connect with someone real.

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