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    Me avoid like the plague

    There is not one profile on the site that one can message and meet. Every profile has a heart symbol and reading the disclaimer it states that those with a heart symbol can’t be physically contacted. Just a complete scam site so men be warned. Don’t give these slime balls one cent.



    One big scam the women work for the company they suck the money right out of your soul one bagel cuz she been sued and put out of business bunch of lying skanks

    That's all one big scam these woman work for the company I figured that tall scam organized crime money laundering

    All lies and cheaters scammers the women on the side of all behind it what a joke I want a recognition site to nobody

    Winter recommended site to nobody

    Waste of time and money

    As others have said You get the run around from contacts you reach Seems they might be getting paid to get your credits Stay away from this site I give it a 1 out of 10

    Suck the credits right out of you Plus get ladies contacting you that do not meet what you entered

    Big Money Grab

    I suspected this site was a money grab so I didn't spend to much money. My advice is to stay away from the site. I was on it for less than a day and received many emails. Many of the ladies were provided with my email address and advised chatting that way would be free. Non of the women have used my email to communicate. So far I haven't been able to delete my profile.

    Easy way to empty your wallet

    Money goes fast

    Bad stuff

    Find some other way to spend time and money

    A expensive way to waste time

    The credits are costly. The female have their location mostly missing so you get talking with others from far away from you. They start out wanting sex with you then after you chat a bit they say they don't feel safe and want to chat more. The lady's that were from my area said they were traveling out of our area. It was aways a run around of some kind . It was all a Tease a guy out of money game .

    Fake Site

    Here is my opinion this site I've been on it for 2 weeks And think I've never had so much run around with whom ever your trying to Hookup with. You might as well be talking to a telemarketer they keep you going around in circles off topic all the time to use up your credit tokens which cost by the way to much for what you don't get. I realize I'm grow up but this wasn't the kind of fuck I was expecting to get. Save your money and donate it to a local charity.That's how I fell about this site.

    Pros I got some money back on a screwed up E transfer they said they didn't.

    It's just a money scam when people figure it out It will disappear hopefully this will happen soon.

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