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    It completely is a scam. I thoroughly tested it

    They charge you by message you’re very good at what they do but I assure you it’s completely a scam they’re all fake on every level in every way I spent the money asked certain things take your direct answers and they always beat around the bush they’re very good at what they do do not waste your money or your time I did this to help you not do it

    There’s absolutely nothing to like about it it’s all fake I thoroughly tested it just so it doesn’t happen to anybody else.

    it’s all fake I spent the money just to prove it you pay for each message you send They are very good at what they do play with your emotions

    Complete and total crap

    All fake profile site. No way to delete flirts from fake senders. Site does not adhere to age parameters in your settings. Chat info is not saved.


    Money grab

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